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Military USAF Mess Dress/Tuxedo Party Shirts

      When I went to my first military ball with Michael, I was so surprised to see his formal, white Mess Dress shirt transform into this amazing pink skull and cross bone shirt when he took off his jacket.  Michael said he purchased the shirt in Korea many years ago. It was a tradition in his fighter squadron to wear these custom shirts during formal dining events. People were taken back by the colorful shirt patterns which showed how much a party person the pilot was at the event.


       After years of wearing the same shirt, I decided to make him some new ones. It took me about eight hours to make one shirt from start to finish. The hardest part was ripping out the sleeves, cuffs  and back of the shirt without damaging the new shirt. Putting it back together is the fun part!   Believe that one?

                          Skulls and cross bones

              New shirts



If you would like me to make a shirt for you, my price is $50 for my eight hours of work. I will need you to give me a shirt and two yards of cotton or poly-cotton material of your choice. You can either mail the shirt/material to me, or if you live in the Las Vegas area, I can meet you on Nellis AFB to collect your shirt/material.  Please send me an email if you are interested.

I found these fabric companies  that have the best material for these party shirts. Please make sure the material is cotton and not fleece when you place your order to them.







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